The Center for Disfigurement is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization founded to provide medical and surgical care as well as supplies, equipment and training of health care workers for the treatment of children in the USA and internationally who suffer from disfiguring burns, scars, birthmarks or war injuries. Children who are orphaned or victims of domestic violence are also included in our program.



We want to be the serving feet and helping hands in the name of Jesus to heal disfigured children, to extend a hand to heal with the remarkable laser light and introduce them to the Healing Light - Jesus Christ - as only He can heal their spirit and take away the disfigurement of sin.

As a father who loves his children would never want to be separated from them on earth much less for all eternity, their heavenly Father who knew them before they were born and loved them even with their physical disfigurements -- loved them enough to send His only Son Jesus to earth to die for their sins that they might be restored to a relationship with Him and be with Him forever.

Every one of His children are precious in His sight - no matter how deforming their physical problems or how terrible their past is. God loves them enough to forgive them if they'll turn from their past and invite Jesus into their heart.